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Our Philosophy

Our speciality is to consistently work towards the development of junior tennis players. We believe in the 3 P’s to achieve this goal.

Player Development

At Accelerate Tennis, the players get all the necessary on-court skills. These include: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental skills.

We chalk out a long-term development plan to transform an amateur tennis player into a strong athlete with winning spirit and moral sportsmanship.

Personal Development

Our expert coaches work on overall personal development of the tennis players.

Proper mentorship and guidance lead to holistic development. We help them grow as a responsible, independent, and positive human beings. So, they can tackle the challenges in tennis and in life.


We focus on every individual and consistently work on growth oriented strategies.  Planners are carefully designed for each player's current stage and personal development. Tournaments are seen as a stepping-stone towards achieving one's goals. The planner is constantly reviewed and amended by our expert tennis coaches.

Accelerate Tennis Philosophy

Learning Vs Teaching

Placing athletes in different on-court scenarios and to give them a chance to explore ways to successfully achieve the objective, is one of the cornerstones of our philosophies.

Processing the feedback i.e. post-match analysis which is given after each attempt and then strategizing  another possible solution is extremely important. We focus on building a self problem-solving skill in our advanced-level tennis players.


Game-Based Coaching

The technical development & tactical understanding of the game, are important aspects for a player, and adequate time should be given to polish these skills. However, we believe that the player’s ability to adapt their technique in a given situation is paramount.

Fundamentally the game-based approach states that tactics will determine the technique. You will see your technique adapt to your shot intention (whether you hit it deep down the line or make a sharp angle cross-court).


Quality over Quantity

At Accelerate Tennis, many of our sessions are shorter in duration than many other academies. We train with purpose and intensity. All our tennis lessons are planned, and lesson outcomes are recorded and analysed  through player performance reports, to ensure high productivity.



The number of matches & tournaments played in each event is essential for a player's overall development. However apart from actual tournament exposure, these matches expose the weak areas of the player that need attention and we help them develop certain characteristic traits that are needed for a better game play.

Playing an excessive number of tennis tournaments at a young age usually slows down the overall development of the player game. For planning a professional career, the player needs to be assessed and needs a properly planned tournament schedule, which enables a qualitative approach. We make sure the player is in proper shape to win. 


Usually we follow a simple rule – the player's age / fitness / career goals will determine how many tournaments a player should play in a calendar year.


For example, if a child is 14 years old, he/she should play 14 tennis tournaments in a calendar year. Tournament level, the player's current playing level, player objectives are all considered. Ideally, the child should play 5 to 6 matches per tournament.



Without a doubt, parents play an integral role in developing a tennis player. We encourage frequent communication with our academy coaches and welcome parental feedback.


We conduct regular parent-coach counselling sessions to ensure that the career goals are met. And the approach towards the game are well aligned between the parents and the academy. We work together on the child's growth by understanding both our roles towards the athlete.


The athletic development of the child is paramount for their future success. We follow three key points when designing a fitness program for the players:

- Injury Prevention 

Postural analysis, screening and specific prehab programs for each player, help to minimize athletic injuries and

-Player Recovery 

This covers many factors like nutrition, hydration, active recovery, sleep, foam rolling etc. To ensure a structured recovery and athletic development program, we plan a high-level training for a sustained period.

– Fitness 

Tennis players require all aspects of fitness, including speed, agility, strength, power, endurance, flexibility. Accelerate Tennis promises the best experts from the industry to develop 


The Team

Together we can! Although tennis is an individual sport, it takes a team to develop a player. The likelihood of success is miniscule, from coaches to physios, psychologists to nutritionists, each parameter needs expert guidance in all areas.


We are honoured to be associated with the best specialists available in India. By giving our players access to these specialists, specific needs can be met for accelerated improvement.

Kapil Dinesh, founder of Accelerate Tennis



Accelerate Tennis is a brand owned by Kap Sports Management Pvt Ltd. A registered company having its head office in Ahmedabad. The company was founded on 2nd Jan 2021 with a sole initiative to develop performance oriented academies and improve the percentage of professional athletes in India to achieve a successful career.


Kap Sports functions in three primary sports: Tennis, Football, and Badminton. The academy has a Technical Director for each sport, and you can download the company profile here.

Mr Kapil Dinesh is the founder of Kap Sports Management and has been a performing athlete in Badminton throughout his Junior years. He was being the top 10 in India in the Singles ranking throughout his amateur career and representing the state of Gujarat. Since the age of 12, for every year, he performed to the best of his abilities in National tournaments. 


He is a dedicated sports professional and always in the effort to provide the best for the upcoming amateur players in the best possible ways. Starting the company is the first step towards developing efficient and productive sports academies to provide the best coaching to the upcoming athletes. 


In future, the company plans to implement a financial structure and introduce a support system for talented athletes where a player can perform without the limitations of finances or growth opportunities.

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