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Stages of learning for tennis players

In continuation with my previous article, here are the three stages of learning that every tennis coach must understand to effectively apply the six different ways of learning at the appropriate time

Stage 1 To be Consciously Incompetent

To be conscious means to be aware of the task and apply effort to complete the task. Incompetent means not having the required skills. This mean that I know what I need to do however I do not have the skills to do it.

Stage 2 To be Consciously Competent. 

Consciously knowing what to do and being competent (skilled) enough to successfully complete the task.

Stage 3 To be Unconsciously Competent.

You have mastered the skill and have become unconscious in your technique. The player knows what to do and do it without conscious thought. It happens “automatically”

It is imperative that tennis coaches be aware of these three stages of learning. Coaches need to be patient and reward effort over result (especially in Stage 1). Remember learning takes time and requires repetition and constant positive feedback.

Understand that not all students learn the same way and exposing players to the different ways skills can be learnt is the best practise for all.

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