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Ranking Guarantee Tennis Program

Achieve your targeted goals or we refund your investments/fee.

Module 1 - Player’s Assessment


Get started with a one - on - one with your coach, your assigned coach will understand your goals, and suggest a suitable workplan. Followed by player’s assessment, and tennis goal setting. 


Module 2 - Realistic Goal Setting & Expectations


Here we understand the player’s life goals, future plans, career aptitude and with proper guidance we suggest a suitable course duration and as per our professional experience and assessment we develop a program structure with a targeted ranking improvement for the player. 

Module 3 - Finances and Budget Planning

Each player is an unique individual, with different goals and aspirations. Here we plan/suggest and customize specific training programs in addition to the regular training program for the player. 

A player may require these add-on modules as per their assessment

  • Private Coaching Sessions - to improvise a particular lacking in the player's performance. It could be physical, technical, psychological or tactical. Your Coach will provide you all the assistance and guidance required to achieve your goals.

  • Sports Psychology Training - It is not always about perfect playing technique, it is also about staying strong and tactical through out the game, with our sports psychology sessions, our players have shown a tremendous improvement in the number of winnings. 

  • Nutrition & Supplements -  Nutrition is 50% of an athlete's performance, we provide the best nutrition to improve, stamina, strength and recovery.

A well planned budget is what keeps the career focussed and going for longer duration without losing on best opportunities.


In order to achieve the targeted ranks the player must comply with the following terms & conditions :

  1. 80% Mandatory Attendance

  2. Player & parent’s commitment to tennis career and player’s goals

  3. Strict adherence to the planned ‘Tournament Plans’ decided by the academy. 

  4. A touring coach with the player for each tournament ( at the player’s expense ) in order to assess the player’s performance.


Module 4 - Training at the Academy


Regular Training - daily ( compulsory for all )

  • 30 mins of intense cardio training

  • 1 hour of Tennis Fitness 

  • 2 hours of Tennis Play ( Morning Sessions )

  • 1.5 hours of Tennis Play ( Evening Sessions )

  • 30 mins of Injury & Rehab

  • Nutrition Planning

  • Wednesday & Saturday - Best of 3 Singles Matches

  • In case the player fails to achieve the predetermined goals by the academy and all the conditions are met, we offer two options

    • Either you can claim a Full Refund of the professional fee

    • Or the Player can continue to train at the academy till the results are met.

Sarthak Suden, Tennis player

At Accelerate Tennis

We believe in creating champions with the right training, meet our top performers, and set your goals.

To be the best, play with the best!

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