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With your sports education, get acquainted with the global curriculum at 21K school ( our official education partners ), you get to be a part of our diverse global community of smart, passionate learners representing 24 nationalities. Set up in 2020, we are now a family of 8000 + students from 72 different countries.


"We wanted to give parents an inside-out perspective on how we are delivering futuristic education and transforming education with new personalized teaching and learning experiences."

21k School provide well regularized education at affordable pricing.


Visit our YouTube channel @21K School to know everything you ever wanted to know about Online Schooling and didn't know where to look!


If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to get in touch with :


Kapil Dinesh : +91  94092 84075

21k School are fully accredited to globally approved curriculums,
click on the respective links to explore the curruculums.

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