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Play Tennis to get to US Colleges

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Internationally, tennis is one of the most popular sport, just being technically perfect and physically fit are not enough, you need to have the edge to crack the competition.

With tennis, every part of the process is important – creating an academic and sports profile, player’s portfolio, tournaments (when it comes to tournaments, it is about the tournaments won, rather than the number of tournaments played) and growth statistics.

Another key part of the process is creating a representational video that displays the player’s skills on tennis court. Which should be developed & guided by a professional coach in order to create a better chance of success in obtaining the scholarship.

There are many universities with tennis programs in the United States. These universities are divided into different divisions:

1. NCAA Divisions 1 and 2 – Large Public Universities
2. NCAA Division 3 – Usually small private college
3. NAIA – Usually small private colleges
4. NJCAA – Community Colleges

It is very important for a tennis player to have a help of an academy to evaluate their options for United States College divisions, and determine which divisions would be appropriate and good for him to compete for tennis scholarships. Also, within these divisions, there are very different levels of tennis, so for each tennis profile, you will have a variety of colleges that will provide great options.

Why the United States?

University sports in the United States is the only system that combines sport and competition with university academics, clubbing athletic scholarships and academic scholarships.

American universities offer tennis scholarships for players on the team, which enables student athletes to finance their studies through tennis sport.

In addition, this opportunity is not just about academics or sports, players get to live an amazing experience in the United States combining studies and sports, travelling around the country with the sports team, achieving a university degree from an American University, and meeting people from different countries and cultures. Tennis players are exposed to a world of possibilities thanks to tennis and the sportsman spirit that comes with it.

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