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The Most Affordable US College Consulting Service

US College Program

The finest way to kickstart a career in the US

Our carefully planned US College Tennis Program is the finest way to kickstart a career in the US. The program is well-equipped with the knowledge and essential criteria you require for getting admission in US College. 


We are responsible for creating a player’s portfolio, tournaments, and growth statistics along with academic and sports profile. 


*Our collaboration with 21KSchools helps you focus on your tennis career education while keeping your academics on track.


Accelerate Tennis trains you as a professional tennis player who can easily get admissions in the top US Colleges and Universities. 


US College Program (Suitable for Under 16 & Under 18 Tennis players)

The program is designed to train a passionate player and help them enrol in a US College through Tennis Scholarship. It is an 18-month Tennis coaching program where a player is trained for a result-oriented performance. With rigorous practice and high-performance training, our tennis players gain the key skills, professional training, and tactics to meet the essential criteria for tennis scholarship in the US. As part of this program, we also provide complete counselling & do all the required documentation to ensure convenience and ease for the parents.




Module 1 - Player’s Assessment


One-on-one training with an international tennis coach. Followed by player’s assessment, and tennis goal setting. 

Module 2 - Realistic Goal Setting & Expectations


Here we understand the tennis player’s life goals, future plans, career aptitude, and a suitable customized program is proposed as per the priority of the tennis player i.e. ACADEMICS / TENNIS CAREER / BUDGET & LOCATION ( preferred location of admissions in the USA )



  • The enrolled child is prepared in all aspects for a US College Scholarship from the 

    • Selection of the right education board

    • SAT Preparations etc

    • In this program, regular education is given priority for a successful entrance into the desired US College


Module 3 - Finances and Budget Planning


Each player is a unique individual, with different goals and aspirations. Here we plan/ suggest and customize specific training programs in addition to the regular training program for the player. 


A tennis player may require these add-ons as per their assessment

  • Private Coaching Sessions

  • Sports Psychology Training

  • Nutrition & Supplements 


A well-planned budget is what keeps the career focused and going for a longer duration without losing on the best opportunities.

Module 4 - Training at the Academy

Regular Training - daily ( compulsory for all )​

  • 1 hour of Tennis Fitness 

  • 2 hours of Tennis Morning Sessions

  • 2 hours of Tennis Evening Sessions

  • Wednesday & Saturday - Best of 3 Singles Matches

Module 5 - Tournament Planning

  • Weekly Singles Matches

  • ITF Junior Circuit Tournaments

  • AITA National circuit tournaments

US college program
Nikhil Mittal, tennis player at Accelerate Tennis

Nikhil Mittal
Accelerate Tennis

At Accelerate Tennis

We believe in creating champions with the right training, meet our top performers, and set your goals.

To be the best, play with the best!

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